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DECIDE surveys are available upon request and free to use.

We just ask that you provide information to us on how the surveys will be used and with what populations. Refer to the References tab for more information about the development and psychometric properties of these surveys. 

DECIDE Surveys

Health Problem-Solving Scale (HPSS, v2)

The HPSS assesses problem solving related to managing health-related challenges and problems. Survey items cover 3 areas of problem solving:  problem-solving skill, problem-solving orientation, and transfer of past experience/learning. The HPSS yields a total score and subscale scores. Program participants can complete this problem-solving survey before and after the DECIDE program. The HPSS can be used with any of the DECIDE disease programs. Currently, the HPSS is available in English and Mandarin.  

DECIDE Surveys

All the Facts About Managing Your Diabetes

This brief survey gauges participants’ knowledge of key information for diabetes self-management. Program participants can complete this knowledge survey before and after the DECIDE program. Different All the Facts Surveys are available for different DECIDE disease programs.

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